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Everyday formalities

Residence permits, driving licences… Here are a few tips to help you in your daily administrative procedures.

Visas for foreigners coming to study in France

Foreign nationals who want to come to France for higher education must obtain a visa.

There are two kinds of visas:

  • the long-stay “student-pupil” visa, for stays of over 3 months,

  • the short-stay “student-examination” visa, for stays of 3 months or less.

Nationals of the European Economic Area are exempt from this procedure.

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Documents required:

  • information relating to civil status,

  • documents proving regular entry into France (current valid passport),

  • a medical certificate,

  • three identity photos,

  • proof of residence,

  • a registration certificate, OR a temporary or permanent registration certificate issued by a teaching or vocational training establishment,
    OR a certificate proving that you are a beneficiary of a European Union cooperation programme in the areas of education, training or youth services,
    OR a tripartite internship agreement approved by the employer, the training organisation and the student, approved by the Departmental Directorate for Work and Employment (DDTE),
    OR a vocational training agreement with a training organisation.

Visa validity period: The “student” temporary residence permit is only valid until the end of the student’s period of study or training. In all cases, this period cannot exceed one year, or extend beyond the passport validity period.

Renewing the “student” visa:

This residence permit can be renewed each year and depends on:

  • diligence in studies and exams,

  • coherence of the university course,

  • progress in the area of study.

Temporary work permit (APT)

Foreign nationals who want to work must apply for a permit.

Applications for a Temporary Work Permit must be made to the Departmental Directorate for Work, Employment and Vocational Training (DDTEFP). With the APT you can work 18h/work on a fixed-term or open-ended contract throughout the year, and work full-time during the holidays for a maximum of three months in a row.

To make your application:

Direction départementale du travail, de l’emploi et de la formation professionnelle
2 rue Fernand Giroux
10000 Troyes
Tel: 03 25 71 83 00

Computer equipment

A computer for €1

Like the permit for €1 a day, the computer for €1 a day is a government scheme run in partnership with lending centres, computer manufacturers and software publishers.

It therefore involves taking out a loan from a partner bank, backed by a guarantor (a deposit from the student’s parents).

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