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The RACHI European University and Cultural Institute

The RACHI European University and Cultural Institute opened its doors 1990, the year in which it celebrated the 950th anniversary of the birth of Rabbi Salomon Its'haqi of Troyes, better known under the shortened form of Rachi. It was founded by Grand Rabbi René-Samuel Sirat and Mr Robert Galley, former Deputy Mayor of Troyes.

The Rachi of Troyes Institute is a non-denominational higher education establishment in Troyes, where teaching is aimed at disseminating the works and thoughts of Rachi, along a variety of themes: Biblical commentary studies, study of the founding texts of Judaism, elements of comparative theology, ancient history of Israel, history of the Jews in France, history of mediaeval Champagne, history of Judeo-Christian relations, philosophy and history of art, Hebrew and Arab languages and civilisations…

The programme is made up of weekly, monthly or bi-monthly classes taught over the university year, intensive study days and conference cycles open to the public.

This university centre for Hebrew studies and research is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers, as well as unregistered students attending lectures and all members of the public interested in the subjects of study. Tuition is provided by university teachers, certified professors, doctors or doctoral students.

Since 1993, the Rachi of Troyes Institute has had an agreement with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. Students study and pass an optional course unit called “modern Hebrew/literal Arab language and civilisation” at the Rachi Institute.

The Rachi of Troyes Institute undertakes many scientific research projects on the themes of history, Biblical exegesis and linguistics, in partnership with many French and foreign scientific institutions or universities. A library specialising in Hebraica and Judaica is available to students, researchers and lecture attendees.

To welcome the hundreds of visitors who come to pay tribute to Rachi every year in the city where he was born, the Rachi of Troyes Institute offers a French language tour of the exhibition “Rachi - The Jews of Troyes in the Middle Ages”, designed in 2005 by the Greater Troyes Media Library on the occasion of the national commemoration of the 900th anniversary of Rachi’s death. The exhibition tour is free.


Institut Universitaire et Culturel Européen Rachi
2, rue Brunneval, Troyes
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