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SUPINFO Champagne-Ardenne Troyes

The ESI, Higher School of Information Technology, was founded in 1965 in Paris and recognised by the French State in 1972. It 2000 the school changed its name to SUPINFO. Today it has 36 establishments throughout the world including 25 in France and 8 abroad (China, Canada, United States, Morocco, Italy…).

SUPINFO offers training in various areas of information technology. The 33 campuses issue the same internal diploma. The curriculum is based on the system of the European engineering schools with integrated preparation classes: an integrated three-year undergraduate degree, then a two-year master’s degree, all followed by a compulsory three-month company internship (six months in the final year).

It is equally possible for students to go on a part-time internship throughout the academic year (1 day a week for the first two years and 2 days a week for the other years).
Admission is by S, STI or STL baccalaureate (or their international equivalent) with dossier. Mid-curriculum admission is also possible at Bac+1, Bac+2 and Bac+3 (parallel admission), after higher studies in information technology; the year starts a month early so students can catch up.

Furthermore, SUPINFO has formed partnerships with leading names in the field of information technology and includes a certain number of professional certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Mandriva, Novell and Apple in its tuition fees.

The Champagne Ardenne Troyes branch of SUPINFO opened in 2005 with 15 students, and covers 1500 m² at the heart of the city centre. Today it has 122 students spread across the 5 years of study.

The partnerships formed between SUPINFO Champagne Ardenne Troyes and key players in the local economy mean students can carry out their internships on a part-time basis while receiving the best possible support, at a location near to their school.

With its two certification centres, SUPINFO Champagne Ardenne gives students the option to pass their certifications on their own campus.


5, rue de la République
10000 TROYES
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