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Groupe ESC Troyes

Founded in 1992, ESC Troyes became Groupe ESC Troyes in 1999 with the development of new curricula. Following a strategy of accreditation and recognition, Groupe ESC Troyes now educates nearly 1600 students from baccalaureate to Master level, with four higher studies programs and a set of key values: a multidisciplinary approach, custom-made courses, an international outlook for all, personalized support for students and employability in the labor market in France and abroad.

Management, Tourism, International, Design and Graphic Arts, Sports Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Creation, Executive Education… Groupe ESC Troyes is positioned in areas of expertise with high added value:

ESC, Troyes Master Grande Ecole: trains students from preparatory classes, from Bac+2/+3/+3, for management professions.

INBA, International School of Management: trains International Management professionals. Students are selected after a Baccalaureate or first year Bachelor, and follow a 4-year course with 2 years spent abroad at university and in internship.

EMVOL, International School of Tourism: trains future executives for the tourism, travel and leisure industries. The students are recruited after a Baccalaureate or second year Bachelor, and will receive teaching from permanent professors and tourism professionals.

ESAA, School of Graphic Arts and Design: offers a five-year course in Design Graphic Arts and Management. Accessible after the Baccalaureate or a specialized bachelor.

Preparation programs for paramedical and social entrance examinations



  • 5 higher education programs

  • 1600 students

  • 20% foreign students (more than 30 different nationalities)

  • 189 international agreements in 45 different countries

  • 250 professors, researchers and participants from business


Groupe ESC Troyes
217, avenue Pierre Brossolette
10 002 Troyes Cedex - France
Tel: +33(0)

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