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Troyes University of Technology

Troyes University of Technology (UTT), founded in 1994, belongs to the network of French universities of technology with the UTC (Compiègne) and the UTBM (Belfort-Montbéliard). Today it has 2500 students and is ranked among the top 10 engineering schools in France. It contributes greatly to the reputation of the Troyes urban area and the activities within it.

UTT offers 5-year engineering courses after final secondary school examination, leading to a CTI* approved accredited diploma in 6 branches:


  • Informatics and Information Systems
  • Materials: economy and technology
  • Industrial Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Systems, Networks and Telecommunications
  • Material Processing and Manufacturing

UTT also offers a master’s degree in “Science, technology and Health” with 9 specialisations. The Graduate school school welcomes research students who continue their studies with a thesis. The graduate courses are supported by the Charles Delaunay Institute which groups UTT's 8 research teams.
The UTT accommodates students engaged in high-level sports activities arrangements. (* CTI: Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - Accreditation authority for French professional engineers).


Strong points of the UTT engineering course

Admission: after final secondary school examination : in a 5-year course, without intermediate exams, with the benefit of a CTI-accredited diploma. The engineering courses are also open to students joining 2 years after final secondary school examination.

A tailor-made course: as from the 1st year, students can choose 25 % of their course units and 75% in the 2nd year. Supported by a professor as soon as they join, the students are gradually led towards independence, by proactive teaching methods.

Focus on career plans: after 2 years’ training in Common Core Syllabus during which the scientific bases are covered, students continue with their studies in the engineering branch of their choice. They can adapt their courses to their career plans.

Close to the world of business: students spend 1 year in a long company internship. Nearly half of UTT graduates are empoyed by the compagny where they concluded their end-of-studies internship. The occupational integration rate is 87% (4 months after graduation).

International outlook: at least 6 months of the 5-year engineering course are spent abroad on a company internship or studying as part of a university exchange. The UTT has set up partnerships with more than 140 universities worldwide.

Sandwich courses that meet the needs of the market

The UTT expands its range of sandwich courses every year. It also offers a Pro degree, VAE and VAP and continuing education (over 300 modules).

Student life

With more than 40 clubs and associations, student life at the UTT is rich and active. Sports events and celebrations organised by the students set the pace of life on campus

A few figures: 2500 students including 180 doctoral students – 24% are foreign students – around 3400 graduate engineers – 165 professors/researchers – premises covering 35 000 m2 - 140 international agreements – 3 000 partner companies...


Université de Technologie de Troyes
12 rue Marie Curie, Troyes

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