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A rich and dynamic urban area

As the second biggest urban area in the Champagne-Ardenne region, the Troyes urban area is a dynamic area with around 130 000 inhabitants, and a great place to live.

Universally known and acknowledged for its half-timbered houses, its andouillette (chitterling sausage) with Chaource cheese, its prestigious champagne and its sloe gin, the Troyes urban area also has many other charms and tourist attractions. The historical centre of Troyes, known as the “Champagne Cork”, is built on a portion of the famous Via Agrippa.

Located in the south of the Champagne-Ardenne region and at the centre of the Aube department, the Troyes urban area is a strategic crossroads between north and south, and is served by the A5 and A26 motorways, which make it a 1h30 drive from Paris, a 1h15 drive from Reims and a 3h drive from Lyon.

It contains fourteen communes and one out of two Aube residents live there. The Troyes urban area is an important economic cluster, with a number of large companies based there (Lacoste-Devanlay, Petit Bateau, Michelin-Kléber, Vachette, Petitjean…) along with a radiant tourist area, thanks in particular to its mediaeval and Renaissance architectural heritage, which is unique in Europe.

The area also offers its inhabitants and visitors well-preserved countryside, like the Vélovoie des Viennes cycle path. This is a green area in the city centre, running along a river and offering peace and nature to pedestrians and cyclists.

You can even see ducks among the meadows in bloom and fruit trees…

15 km from the centres of Troyes, in the Forêt d’Orient Regional Park, with its big lakes and water sports, bird sanctuary and cycle path, you can enjoy a great number of leisure activities in the countryside. From Greater Troyes, there’s no need for a car to get a breath of fresh air.

Visitors can enjoy 70,000 hectares of green countryside. Get away for a water sports weekend, a day of sport or a break in the countryside, with a thousand-and-one relaxation ideas for ways to unwind and discover the area.

The Troyes urban area is of course the historic capital of the famous factory outlet stores! Shopping centres, city centre shops, brand centres…Troyes and its urban area are a haven of peace to go shopping and find some great deals!

See the website for the Tourist Office of Troyes and its region

Around 9000 have chosen to go on to higher education in the Troyes urban area, in one of the many higher education establishments and secondary schools offering quality courses, making it the second biggest university centre in the region. This way they can enjoy all the advantages of the area all year round!

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